Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Echo Fly Rods- The best rod money can buy!

Often times I am asked by beginning fly fishers about which fly rod to buy. I go through all the typical questions about what type of fly fishing are you going to do and what can your budget afford. Without a doubt, I direct my friends to consider Echo Fly Rods. I have been using the Echo Classic for many years and believe this is the best rod below $150. I can spend 2 or 3 times that amount and still not find a fly rod that casts as well and fits all my needs. The latest design in the Echo brand that is equivalent to the Classic is the Echo Carbon priced at $170.

Echo Fly Rods are the brain child of Tim Rajeff. For most of the fly fishing world, Tim Rajeff is well known for his fly fishing and casting skills. He has won countless casting competitions and is on the shortlist of fly fishing authorities worldwide. With his casting prowess, Tim is the perfect match between a fly fishing professional and equipment innovator. He recognizes the need for a high quality product at a reasonable price.

In addition to a great fly rod, Rajeff Sports stand behind their products. The warranty that comes with Echo rods is a valuable feature of the purchase. As an example, I was casting my well-used Echo Classic and the tip section snapped in half. After contacting Rajeff Sports, I sent the rod back with $30 and it was replaced. A brand new rod, case and all within 10 days. Awesome!

If you are looking for a new rod, regardless of your skill level, I recommend Echo Fly Rods. You will be completely satisfied. I am.

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