Saturday, June 6, 2009

Does It Really Matter What You Wear To Fly Fish?

It wasn't so long ago that we spent a day on the Upper Sac with fly fishing guide Fred Gordon. We met Fred at a diner in Dunsmuir, CA for breakfast before our day out on the river. The conversation began with the initial pleasantries and eventually focused on the business of the day, catching trout. Before we ever discussed what fly to tie on, Fred gave us his thoughts on the basics of fly angling. It all began with what you wear. He was a big believer in blending into the environment. Wearing natural colors (anything that matches your surroundings) will increase your chances of catching trout.

The Durango Herald recently published an article that reinforces the idea that fish can see color and if you blend in, you can improve your chances on the water. Here's the link for the full article by Don Oliver:
Dress for success applies directly to fly fishermen .

Obviously, there is more to fly fishing success than what you wear. But when you put it all together, the little things can make a difference between a day of casting and a day of catching fish.

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  1. I remember Fred making a big deal about this, Darin. He talked about how fishing is a lot like hunting. Fish can see out of the water. This has made a difference for me on the water, for sure.