Sunday, July 12, 2009

Profile of Putah Creek, CA

When you mention to other fly fishers you've spent the day on Putah Creek, you usually receive a strange look, like you used some sort of obscenity. What is obscene is the size of some of the trout that lie in Putah Creek. There are some monster rainbows and browns that make this roadside river home.

Fly fishers usually wait until November 16th to make their trek to Putah. On November 16th to the Friday before the last Saturday in April, Putah Creek has special regulations, including artificial flies, barbless hooks, and catch and release. The remainder of the year has no special regulations and a limit of 5 fish per day. Always check for updates in regulation changes.

Putah Creek is a tail water that flows from the base of Monticello Dam that holds back Lake Berryessa near Vacaville, CA. All along Highway 128, Putah Creek has access points for fishermen all the way to Lake Solano. A very inconspicuous body of water, Lake Solano is created by a diversion dam downstream from Lake Berryessa.

There are many places to fish Putah Creek from Pleasant Valley Road all the way to the dam. The access points are numbered from #1 nearest the dam to #5 farther down toward Lake Solano.

Putah Creek is a place that will challenge fly fishers with difficult wading, dark deep pools and runs, and large trout that will snap your tippet as they charge up and down river when hooked.

Looking for a guide or more information about Putah Creek, contact Greg Bonovich at Putah Creek Fly Fishing Guides Service .

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