Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lake Davis, CA Fly Fishing Report

Sean Wallentine
Sacramento, CA

Body of Water:
Lake Davis, CA (Plumas County near Portola)
Date: Saturday, August 15, 2009
# of Fish Caught: 1
Species: Rainbow Trout
Size: 14"
Effective Flies: #14 Blood Midge
Summary: My first time on Lake Davis. Fished with some friends. Fishing was slow. Among us we only caught 6 fish. While fish were hitting the surface, the fish we caught were on streamers with droppers and sink tip line.

We fished the west side of the lake using pontoon boats. We took a dirt road down the water's edge a little north of the boat launch.

I actually saw several mature blood midges on the surface (stunningly beautiful adult fly; soft white wings and red body). I also saw brown damsel flies swimming near the surface. There were several adult damsels flying around. Mayflies were abundant and there were caddis as well.

Lake Davis has been very controversial due to some rogue idiot who has twice planted Northern Pike in the lake. The state and feds have both killed the lake twice now. The Pike seem to be gone...for now.

For more on Lake Davis do a Google search or check out this link for general information:,_California

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