Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fishing & Photography

Fly fishers often spend so much time focusing on catching fish that they lose focus on what surrounds them. Fish live in beautiful places, if you haven't noticed. I love fly-fishing, but I also love making pictures.

On the water I carry an 8.1 mega pixel Sony Cyber-Shot "point and shoot." It's user-friendly, but has many functions for the more advanced picture taker. It's not waterproof but can handle a splatter of water once in a while. The picture of the High Sierra mountains (upper right) was taken with my Sony Cyber-Shot.

I also have a Nikon D-40 Digital SLR camera I use for more advanced shooting. Photographers call this camera an "amateur" camera, as opposed to a "professional" grade camera. While there may be some truth to that, my D-40 is much more advanced than anything Ansel Adams ever dreamed of. I don't carry my Nikon on the water. It's lightweight but too big.

The picture of the red thistle (above left) was taken with my Nikon D-40 after a day of fishing on Wolf Creek in northern California's Alpine County.

So, if you love fly-fishing consider adding photography to your hobby. You will be enriched greatly. Back away from the water for a little while and you will find stunning landscapes, beautiful flowers and wildlife.

Click here to see some of the pictures I've taken while on fly-fishing trips at the Virtual Fly Guides Facebook Page.

Additionally, whether you are a Nikon enthusiast or not, you will find Ken Rockwell's website very helpful. Check him out at

Make sure you post your pics of fish and scenery, and your fishing reports, on the Virtual Fly Guides bulletin board

Tight Lines and Good Pictures,

Sean Wallentine
Co-Founder, The Virtual Fly Guides


  1. Good Morning Sean & Darin. We do live in beautiful country, don't we. The only problem I have is that living up here, you tend to forget how beautiful it really is. So I have to reel myself in (little play on words there), stop, and give myself a little reminder. I also try to share, through my photos, the scenery with the rest of our blogging commmunity.

    Happy New Year, Guys.


  2. Happy New Year to you too Shoreman. All the best to you and yours. Hope you catch a lot of big fish in 2010, along with some really nice pictures! - Sean