Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Little More Review - Rig Up For Dry Flies

The easiest way to rig up your fly rod to start fishing is with a dry fly rig. The flies that will float on top of the water. For the ease of changing, we recommend a loop to loop connectionbetween your fly line (with monofilament attached to the end of the fly line, with a perfection loop) andyour tapered leader. We also recommend tying in some tippet material to the end of your leader, because you will be changing flies from time to time. At the end of your dry fly set up comes your fly.

Step 1: Use a nail knot to attach a 6" to 8" section of 20 pound test monofilament to the fly line. In the other end of the monofilament, tie a perfection loop.

Step 2: In the thick end of your 7 and 1/2 foot tapered leader, tie another perfection loop. Take the loop on the tapered leader and place it over the loop in the 20 pound test section. Then run the thin end of the tapered leader through the loop of the 20 pound section.

Step 3: Now that your tapered leader is on, use an improved clinch knot to tie on your fly.

*To prevent shortening your tapered leader after changing flies throughout the day, we suggest tying in 12" to 18" of tippet to the end of your tapered leader. Make sure the tippet is always the same size or one size smaller than the tapered leader.*

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