Monday, May 3, 2010

Wildlife Photography 101

My hope on this fly fishing trip was to get a photo of a bison covered in snow. I got my wish. What I didn't plan on was the reflection on the snowflakes. I know it's an amateur mistake, but it still worked for me.


  1. Cool picture. I've never been able to take a picture in the snow and not get the reflection. The one I took on the 28th, I was standing under my deck, out of the weather. I think that's why there is no reflection.


  2. I couldn't avoid using the flash in this shot. Not only was it snowing heavily but it was dusk. Usually I would hate seeing all those snow flakes, but in this shot I really kind of like them. Cool effect. And, I was only using a Sony point and shoot, not my Nikon DSLR.