Sunday, July 11, 2010

Zambezi River Tiger Fish

The Hydrocanus Vitattus or striped water dog is found in the rapid waters of the Zambezi River. The distinctive red forked tail and mouth full of teeth leaping out of the water is a sight that few fisherrman will forget.

These fish are targeted by fly-fisherman using fly-patterns designed to imitate the bait fish that are endemic to this area. The Deka area is well known for the explosive river Tiger-fish that live in the rapids and pools.

The Deka area is located between the Victoria Falls (7th Wonder of the World) and Lake Kariba (One of the largest man-made lakes).

They often strike the fly at over 40km an hour. Then there is a number of mind numbing runs and jumps before they fish tires and can be brought in to be release (But beware at the last rush just after the Tiger sees the boat).

Submitted by: Wayne Sinclair Sundowner Adventures

More to come this week from Sundowner Adventures.......

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  1. Zambezi is famous for its tiger fish they are most deadly just after the piranahs great share thanks