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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glacier Creek, CO Trout Grand Slam

Date: August 24, 2010
"Grand Slam" is four trout species in one day. Today I caught cutthrout, rainbows, browns and brook trout plus one cut-bow and all from one creek. A great day fishing.
Glacier creek is in Rocky Mountain National Park. My guide for the day was Frank Drummond, out of Estes Park Anglers. Frank also hand-crafts bamboo rods, local unique flies and can be reached by email at and phone at 303-810-4538. Also visit Frank at his web site
Method and flies: Several Dry flies including Royal Trude #14, Parachute Adams #16, PMD #16 worked well. A couple fish were taken on a dropper described as a "Frank's Special" #16.
Comments: We fished the creek about two miles up from Glacier Basin Campground. The creek is small and mostly pocket water fishing. I used a 3 wt 8.5' rod, but should have used a 7'. The creek required near surgical casting techniques to very difficult locations of very small holding areas. Without Frank pointing out these little holding areas I would have passed them by. I learned several new techniques that will aid this seasoned fisherman. Everyday fishing is a good day, but four species and one sub-species in one day from one creek is indeed special. Thank you Frank!