Tuesday, September 28, 2010

East Carson River, CA Fly Fishing Report **September 15, 2010**

Date: 9-15-2010, 1 to 5:30 PM
Results: Two rainbows 14" and 12"
Method: Two fly nymph rig and caught both fish on the bottom fly, #16 bead head Prince Nymph.
Location: On highway 4 just north of the of the hwy 89 split.
Fishing was unexpectedly slow this afternoon, even when I switched to my dry-dropper set-up, which was successful on the 13th. After catching the two fish within the first 45 minutes I expected a more productive afternoon. Guess I should have caught the two fish and then taken a nap!

Report Submitted to the VFG Bulletin Board by: Dan Wallentine

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  1. Hi guys. I think some of the problem with the East and West Forks is that there is a guy out there called Captain Compassion (real name J. R. Darancette) who is telling everyone on the I'm Hooked forums, where, when, and how many fish are being stocked. The trucks are being followed by the hordes and the stockers are barely getting out of the truck before they are getting creamed. Too bad. E & W Forks used to be a lot better.