Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Battle Creek, CA Fly Fishing Report **October 2, 2010**

Report submitted on the VFG Bulletin Board by: Sean Wallentine

Body of Water: Battle Creek, Lassen County, CA
Date: Friday, October 2, 2010
# of Fish Caught: 26
Species: All Rainbows (Lost one HUGE salmon)
Size: Biggest was 10" (several of those)
Effective Flies: #10 Rubber Legged/Parachute/Orange Body Stimulator; #16 Silver Copper John; #16 BH Prince Nymph

Fished with Christian Hill. Entered Battle Creek at Eagle Canyon from private property. Treacherous wading. Mountain Lions (didn't see any but they are there according to our contacts). Poison oak! Rattlers. Beautiful creek, a lot of wild Rainbows and spawning salmon. I hooked a salmon. Nymph lodged in it's mouth (no foul hook). Fought it for a while and lost it. Super fun experience. Dries and droppers. Very unique.

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