Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fly Tying - Midnight Stonefly from Jon H.

Merry Christmas VFGs! For my Christmas gift to all of you I have decided to share with you a special fly pattern that is killer on early season trout and anywhere where stoneflies are found. 
I actually invented the midnight stonefly pattern for the area of the central Sierra Nevadas near where I live. The fly is weighted without needing a beadhead because of the matierials used to tie it. It is a very easy pattern to tie and can catch fish from early-to-mid season. What materials you will need to tie it:

  • 1 Size 6-8 long-shanked hook
  • 2-3 Inches of black pipecleaner
  • Some inner fur of a german shepherd or similar dog
Start by taking the hook and wrapping the dog hair around it from th eye to the start of the curve. The hair will be hard to keep in place so the next step alleviates that problem. Take the pipecleaner and wrap it around the dog hair and hook very tightly so it stays in place. The hair should bunch up toward the back of the hook and will give it its distinctive hump of a stonefly. The final step is to clip off the excess pipecleaner. And viola! That is the simple, but effective Midnight Stonefly! 

For those of you who have fancy vices at home this should be a lot easier for you than me, I have to ty all of them in hand. 

My picture of it is not the best quality but should help at least a little in tying the fly.

Tight lines and happy holidays!

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