Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Knot Tying Refresher: Part 3 Perfection Loop

Tying the perfection loop is a matter of preference. Some fly fishers prefer to tie their tapered leader directly to the fly line. And others, like me, prefer to utilize the loop to loop method of attaching a tapered leader to the fly line. It has been my experience that there is no significant difference in casting with the loop to loop. In fact, it is much quicker to change out a damaged leader for a new one. It’s all about keeping your fly on or in the water.

One of the issues of tying the tapered leader directly to the fly line is that every time the leader needs changing, the fly line has to be cut. After some regular changes, the fly line can be altered to the point of negatively affecting the usefulness of the fly line.

When using the loop to loop method, a 3 to 4 inch section of 20 pound test needs to be attached to the fly line with a nail knot and a perfection loop on the other end, thus, creating one half of the loop to loop. The other loop for the loop to loop connection is tied to the thick end of the tapered leader.

Application: Any fly fishing application that requires a static loop and for the loop to loop connection for attaching a tapered leader to the fly line.

Tip: There are some brands of leaders that have the perfection loop already tied.

Step 1: Make a loop to the rear of the line. The end of the line should be going to the tier’s right. Make sure you leave yourself some extra line.

Step 2: Take the tag end and wrap it around the base of the first loop. This will create a loop in front of the first loop. Be sure to hold both loops together.

Step 3: Take the tag end of the line and place it between the two loops and hold it all down. The end of the line will be pointing to the tier’s left.

Step 4: Reach behind the first loop and grab the second loop (the one closer to you) from behind and pull it through.*It is important to make sure that the tag end of the line doesn’t slip out.

Step 5: Lubricate the knot with saliva or water, tighten, and trim the excess.

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