Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Knot Tying Refresher: Part 4 Duncan Loop

The next knot in the Knot Tying Refresher is the Duncan Loop. The Duncan Loop is my favorite knot of all. Not that I’m a knot nut, or an entomology freak, but there are aspects of fly fishing that make the experience a memorable one. Hard to believe any of that has anything to do with a FISHING KNOT! It doesn’t. The Duncan Loop is the most used knot in my fly fishing arsenal and the most useful. Learning this knot will make you a better fly fisher.

Application: The Duncan Loop, sometimes called the Uni Knot can be used for tying a fly to a leader/tippet and for tying a section of tippet to the hook shank for multiple fly nymph rig. It is also useful for any fishing application that needs a knot that is adjustable.

Tip: With any knot, it’s always best to lubricate the knot/loop with saliva or water, then pull tight, and trim close. Tightening a knot without moisture can cause the monofilament to burn making the knot weaker.
*Weak Knots=Lost Fish.

Step 1: Make a loop with the line leaving approximately 4 inches.

Step 2: While holding the loop make a bend in the running end of the line and hold them both together.

Step 3: Take the tag end of the line and wrap the line around the running line and through the loop 3 to 4 times. *This knot/loop will slide along the running end of the line allowing you to cinch or loosen the loop as needed.*

Step 4: Lubricate the knot/loop with saliva or water, pull tight, and trim close.

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