Saturday, April 23, 2011

The VFG Nymph **Available May 1, 2011**

One of the hottest flies we've ever tied to the end of our leader will now be available May 1, 2011. This fly has enticed trout from Colorado to California and many places in between. Typically used as a dropper below a dry fly, the VFG Nymph has worked on Rainbows, Browns, Brookies, and Apache Trout.

The VFG Nymph will be tied in amber, brown, olive, red, and rust. These midges will be tied in sizes 14 and 16. The VFG Nymph will be available for $1.25/each plus shipping.

You can make your purchase in the VFG Store and use PayPal to complete your order.


  1. I don't remember NOT catching a fish using this nymph pattern during a day of fly-fishing...when we've used it. It works when nothing else does. Buy, buy, buy! You will not regret it. Trust me. I am always asking Darin to hand me a couple more while on the water.

  2. Is there a money back guarantee? LOL. Hey, did Daren have any luck finding purple vinyl ribbing?

  3. Sorry. Unable to find midge rib in purple. Will have to find it and then test it before it makes into the line up.