Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Highland Lakes, CA Fly Fishing Report

Highland Lakes, CA

Finally got my photos of fly fishing at highland lakes last summer uploaded. I know they are low quality but they were taken on an old film camera and had to be scanned in.

Fishing Info:
Place: Highland Lakes, CA
Fish: Brook Trout
Number of Fish: 10+ (Don't remember exact amount)

We fished at Highland Lakes for several hours on two different days. All the fish were caught on stonefly nymphs except for one on a mayfly imitation. The most were caught in early afternoon. The fish ranged from 8-13 inches, not bad for brookies. Enjoy the photos.

Submitted by: Jon H.


  1. Don't think we'll be able to get there this year until August I bet...

  2. Tried to get in July 9,2011. Snow bank on road stopped me 2 miles short. Charlie O.