Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ste-Marguerite River Quebec Fly Fishing Report

Lessons hard Won!

A nice day out yesterday. There are salmon scattered up and down the river. Most have only been in from the salt a few days (or hours!!!).

We had good takes in all zones but especially in the #4.

Lessons learned: Check your leader after it scrapes over some rocks and boulders!!! I know, I do check every few minutes for clients, ... but not always for my Girlfriend! After hooking up to a nice 16-18lb buck on a #6 Bomber, ... 10 minutes of good fight and POOF! The 14lb test fluoro tippet up and separates!!!

Such is life and Fly Fishing!!

If you,re in the area, drop in for coffe and a chat. Easy to find me, ... it's the Explorer with the VFG window sticker!

Tight Lines!

Submitted by: Christopher Chin

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