Friday, July 8, 2011

Calavaras River, CA Fly Fishing Report

July 7th 2011

Well, with the flows here in the Sierra's raging and out of control, it will be another month before they settle down. So what's a fly fisherman to do? Start hitting small local streams and rivers not affected by the tremendous snowpack and melt going on.

I went to fish the Calavaras River below the New Hogan Dam this morning. Flows were around 300 cfs and fishable. I spent the better part of four hours tossing everything I had at the river. Nothing, Nada, one strike and it caught me of guard and wasn't fast enought to set the hook. All was not lost as it did provide me a chance to practice my casting and work out the cobwebs from the winter.
As a mentioned earlier, rivers are raging which is going to provide me with an opportunity to finally check out those local streams I've not fished near Angels Camp and Sonora, CA.

Submitted by: Mark

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