Monday, September 5, 2011

Montmorency Falls - Quebec, Canada

8wt Salmon rod shoot-out

What to do on a nice August weekend on an enchanted site? ... Call up a few friends, call in some favours, borrow 29 8wt 9ft rods and run them through their paces!

The last Saturday in August, some friends and I dropped into the tail out of the Montmorency Falls near Quebec City and tried out a few rods. There was no ranking system. We were looking for comments on rods. To keep things in perspective I had to imagine the rods were on a Quebec Atlantic salmon river. Short to long casts, medium to big flies. All day angling. We also had a mix of fly fishers ranging from a newcomer, 2 trout anglers a technical caster, an advanced caster and me.

I tried to look at it from the perspective of a day on the river. Would I be happy to see a client arrive geared up with such a rod considering the presentations and casts he or she would be doing. Further, would they be happy with the rod for years to come as they evolve in their fly fishing experience.

I’ll put the full results up once the magazine publishes the article, ... but here’s my personal pick.

All around best rod considering my personal style (a bit brutal on my rods):
Hardy Sintrix Zenith.

Why the hardy over the Sage One and Orvis Helios? All three will load easily close in and cast marvellously out past the belly. However, with the Hardy, even out past 60 feet, I couldn’t over load the rod (well, once, but I had to purposely turn it out of its axis to do it).

In the $150-$350 class, there are several excellent rods, namely the TFO’s, Pieroway, Vison and of course Redington.

Matching a rod to an angler is a pretty personal thing (IMHO). The only good way to do it is to drop into a good shop, string up a couple rods and try them. You’ll know when a rod is right. You’ll also quickly see when a rod is wrong for you!

Tight lines!

Submitted by: Christopher Chin

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