Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fly Fishing The Structure

Dan Wallentine casting to a likely holding spot for a lunker.
Photo courtesy: Sean Wallentine
There are many areas of rivers, streams, and creeks that will produce fish. Whether you are hitting the deep holes, riffles or seams between fast  and slow water, nothing gets the fly fishing blood pumping like a fallen tree. These structures will create a perfect habitat for fish to lie in wait for passing food as well as protection from predators above. Casting dries or nymphs along these trees, rocks, or undercut banks can produce fish like no other location. Be careful. Casting to these areas can also result in snags and the possibility of re-rigging. That is a chance I will ALWAYS take.

Submitted by: Darin Wallentine

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  1. Downed logs also create current disturbances much like a rock and will produce scoured gravel and depressions that add depth for holding water.