Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Minnesota's Driftless Area Brookies

Winona County, MN

Today we fished a small stream for brook trout in Minnesota's Driftless Area. The stream was a classic meadow spring creek, very cold and weedy. It wound its way through tall grass in a pasture, the perfect place to splat a hopper. Braden and I caught over a dozen between the two of us in a couple of hours, mostly brook trout with a few lonely browns mixed in. A dry/dropper was the way to go today. Braden caught his trout on a #14 Czeched Out Hare's Ear with a pink hot spot, and I did well with a #14 brown micro tubing mayfly nymph and a #14 pink squirrel. Pink was definitely the color of choice. Slightly twitching the flies produced the most strikes. A small hopper or other terrestrial would also be a good choice. None of the brook trout that we caught today were under 7", which shows how healthy the stream is. A 4 or 5 weight rod would be perfect for this kind of water.

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