Monday, September 2, 2013

Father and Son Fly-Fishing: Silver Creek, Alpine Co., CA

I took my youngest son, Ezra, on a father/son camping trip to Alpine County a couple weeks ago. We had a fantastic time! Among other things, he caught a Brook Trout on a dry fly...all by himself...on his first cast of the day!

We fished Silver Creek, which feeds the East Fork of the Carson River off Highway 4 in Alpine County, California. Markleeville is the nearest town...about 11 miles to the north.

We fished for about a 1 hour two days in a row. We both caught fish each day on a #10 Stimulator; both Brook Trout and Rainbows. I didn't make him cast for too long. I want his first impressions of fly-fishing to fun, not frustrating. Here are some pics.

-Sean Wallentine

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