Friday, December 12, 2014

Colorado's Arkansas River

I wasn't expecting to catch a 20" natural Colorado Cutthroat Trout in the upper reaches of Colorado's Arkansas River. We were up in the headwaters, above Leadville, not down in the "big river" around Salida. The headwaters of the Arkansas is more of a stream than a river, holding mostly 12" and smaller Rainbows, Browns and Brook Trout.

So, when this beauty took my #12 rubber-legged Stimulator off the surface I just about jumped out of the river in fear! The fish was SO much larger than anything I expected to draw out of the water we were fishing. And, hey, it could be a mix. Perhaps a CutBow. But who cares?

Fortunately, I had my iPhone to take a picture and catch a short video before safely releasing this beauty. Unfortunately, my fishing buddies Christian Hill and Jared Griswold were way upstream trying to run up the score on me...grabbing up all the pristine, unfished water. I got the last laugh! But, I didn't get a portrait with this biggie since I was alone.

I won't try to pinpoint where I caught this fish. No need! Just telling you to fish the headwaters of the Arkansas River above Leadville will put you into some really nice fish. The date of this catch was July 24, 2014.

Tight Lines,

Sean Wallentine

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